Comparison isn’t the thief of joy

Comparison to others is the thief of joy. Comparison to your past self however, is the single best way to measure progress. As long as you’re focused on being better today than you were yesterday, last week, and last month, you’ll be on track to improve and get better. Not better than some random person … Read more

New year – renewed focus

Every 3 months I take some time to zoom out and check-in with myself. This helps me make adjustments to the things I’m focusing on to make sure I’m on track with where I want to be. Hopefully, you find some of these useful in staying on track with your goals and keeping what’s most … Read more

Exercise Should Never Be Punishment

A trend that is very troubling and all too prevalent is that exercise should be punishment. Punishment for overindulging the day before doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or encourage healthy relationships with food or exercise. “Destroying” your legs/arms/etc. doesn’t show yourself any self love and doesn’t help you feel good about your body. … Read more

Compounding in your life

Your actions affect other areas of your life. Figure out what changes you want to make in your life and what actions you’ll need to make to get there.  

A big reason why I talk about both health and money is because both are powerful drivers for every area of your life, improving one aspect of your life helps all the other areas improve too. A rising tide (of intentional improvement) lifts all boats (in your life). Much like your body is a complete organism with various systems that all influence each other, so it is with all the various aspects of your life. A choice you make in one area of your life has ripples throughout your entire life.

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