The Skill of Cooking

Cooking is one of those things that you need to do every day no matter what. Why not make it enjoyable? If you learn to enjoy cooking, you’ll cook more. if you cook more, you’ll generally eat more nutritious food while spending less money eating out. This habit alone can make you healthier and wealthier. … Read more

Amy and Kami’s Nutrition Plan

This isn’t really a “diet plan”, it’s more of an explanation of a couple important concepts and a couple guidelines to follow that I think should get you some good results without being too restrictive.

The Point of a “Diet”

Many people start a “diet” because they want to lose weight and change how their body looks. Eating less than you burn is the best way to lose fat, but if you take the foam padding off a pole, you still just have a pole.

Resistance training is the best way to change how your body looks and to give you a fit, healthy look. Don’t trust the influencers you see doing bodyweight hip thrusts or booty blasters to no end, that’s not how they got their results. Following random routines you find on IG won’t get you the results you want either.

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