Don’t be Yourself

A common message seen today is: “just be yourself” or some variation of that whether it’s ”you do you” or whatever the latest trending hashtag is. 

This message needs to be squashed. 

The problem with the just be yourself message is that people hear it and feel that can say, do, or act however you want. There’s no problem when you follow the whim of your impulses because that’s just who you are. 

If I don’t do what I want to do, then I’m not being authentic or real. Right?…

Some of the best advice I’ve received regarding being myself is this:

Don't be yourself, be your best self. 

I know it’s kinda the same thing, but there’s a very important difference that should be highlighted. While it’s important to not try to be someone else, too often I see people taking this advice to mean something entirely different. That no matter what you do, it doesn’t matter because you’re just being yourself. And people want others to be real don’t they?

Not exactly… They do want you to be yourself but they want the best of you. 

Your actions always matter. And while it’s true that the world needs you to be you and your unique point of view, that doesn’t mean you can be a jerk. 

The world needs your best self, your best work. 

Your relationships need your best self.

You need your best self. 

I know it sounds like a Dr. Seuss quote but:

Be the best you, you can be. 

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