Feeling Hungry Doesn’t Mean You Need to Eat

There’s a hormone called ghrelin that increases your appetite when your body is needing (it feels like it needs) food. It makes you feel hungry when your body says you need to eat again. However, your body has evolved to want to store calories for hard times and prefers to never use the stored energy (fat) unnecessarily.

If you’re like most people, you slowly accumulate body fat because of this.

Roughly 3,500 Calories are in a pound of fat. This means that if a male weighed 150 pounds and had a relatively low body fat of 10%, he would have 15 pounds of fat on his body – the equivalent of over 50,000 Calories. That’s a lot of stored energy!

A very important side note here is that there is an amount of fat that the body absolutely requires to be able to function properly. In men it’s around 2-5% and for women it’s 10-13%. Going lower than that is not only hard to do but it is unhealthy and can have terrible effects.

Now say you have 10 pounds of extra body fat, remember that’s 35,000 Calories, you’ll be okay not rushing to eat just because you feel hungry. Your body has so many stored Calories in the foot of your body fat that.

You don’t need to not eat carbs (“go keto”) or do a fasting program to lose body fat, you simply need to eat less than your body needs. However you can make that happen for you is great. Whether that’s meal prepping, intermittent fasting, keto, paleo, low fat, simple moderation, etc. The thing that you can be most consistent at will be the best option for you.

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