How to find what to do next when you don’t know what to do

Taking action has to be one of the best and fastest ways to reveal answers. As you take action you receive feedback. Feedback from your body, your family, your friends, etc. Provided the results are not permanent you should take action toward a result and adjust as you go.

The place that this idea breaks down is when the result of the action is irreversible and permanent. In that case moving slowly couldn’t be more important. 9 times out of 10, impulsively marring someone turns out to be a bad idea.

If your goal is to lose fat, try what you think will move the needle. If after a 3-4 weeks you don’t see results you know that something needs to be adjusted in your approach. Adjust your tactic and try again.

Thoughts and ideas are only as good as the actions they bring about.

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