Just another day

Today is just another day.

Like yesterday and the day before, you have the chance to make this the best day you’ve lived.

Just because you did something yesterday doesn’t mean you have to do it today. 

When the time comes for you to decide what you will do, try to do the thing that will make future you proud.

Don’t do the whole “new year, new me” charade this year. You don’t know where you’ll be in a year. Mentally, physically, or emotionally. A year is a long time. Focus on making as many days as possible great days where you do things that make you proud.

After a while of making the majority of your days great days you’ll have achieved much more that you would have set as your New Years resolution.

I once heard someone say that you can do less in a day and more in a year than you think. The key isn’t how big your vision for your life is or how productive you can be. The key is consistency. If you have more great days than bad days, eventually you’ll win.

Choose one thing to work on getting better at, and choose each day how you will get better at that thing. Make it something that you really want, so you can really commit to and stick with it.

I wish you the best today, tomorrow, and every day. 

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