The most effective strategy for long-term fat loss

Keep the scale the same. Yep, that’s right, don’t lose any weight.

Sounds crazy but it works. If your goal is fat loss, you want to replace fat with lean body mass in the form of muscle. If your goal is only weight loss simply cutting off your arm will do the trick.

There are a host of positive effects from having more muscle from a faster metabolism to more confidence and overall better health. If you are training and eating appropriately (not too much or too little), you will lose pounds of fat and replace it with muscle without needlessly starving yourself.

And most importantly, you’ll find that keeping the fat away will be much easier than you have likely previously experienced.

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    • Thanks for reading Kristel. Fat loss is much more nuanced than a couple hundred words, many books have been written on the subject. The thought in this article is my take on an easy way to do something that many people struggle with. Thanks!


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